Roof Repairs

When disaster strikes and a storm damages your home’s roof, don’t panic! Pick up the phone and call Truett Roofing at (316) 263-4647 for rapid response to all of your Kansas roof repair needs.

Truett Roofing Wichita KS

Kansas weather presents many challenges for your home’s roof. High winds can tear shingles off, loosen flashing, rattle gutters and send flying debris to penetrate your roof deck.

Heavy snow pack can collapse even the strongest roof, and melting snow can freeze in your gutters and form dangerous ice dams.

Truett Roofing is ready to act quickly to repair the damage to your roof and take steps to restore the integrity of your roof and its ability to protect your home and family.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: A roof can be a dangerous place, especially in the middle of a storm. Do not attempt to climb onto your roof and make repairs yourself!

Call the professionals of Truett Roofing. We have the experience, equipment and safety training necessary to address the problems without unnecessary risk. Your safety is always our first concern.

Our first step in making emergency roof repair on home is to prevent any further damage. We’ll securely cover and seal any roof penetration to keep additional water or snow from entering. Water entering the home can lead to much more extensive and expensive damage.

Quick response by Truett Roofing repair professionals will help to minimize the risk of additional, costly problems. Once conditions are calmer and safer, we’ll return to conduct a more thorough evaluation of the damage and make recommendations for permanent repairs or, if necessary, replacement of your roof.

We’ll also document any damage for insurance purposes, and can even work with your insurance company to help smooth the claims process. For the fastest response and the best results, put the repair and care of your damaged roof in the hands of the Kansas's roof repair experts of Truett Roofing.